We Care

Pathways Centre for Children with Severe Disabilities

We are very proud to be associated with various charitable organisations and foundations. All these organisations are important to us but the Pathways Centre for Children with Severe Disabilities (Pathways) is very special to us. Pathways’ is a centre where the severely disabled child can be educated and stimulated thus giving the parent hope and support. Pathways’ has a dedicated team of individuals who tirelessly strive to ensure that the child and parent receive the best possible care and support. Please visit their website www.pathways-kloof.co.za to find out more about this organisation.


Santa Shoebox

The Santa Shoebox Project is a foundation that is close to our hearts as it allows the firm to participate in the giving of gifts to under-privileged children. Each year we have loads of fun decorating the boxes and buying the supplies required for each box knowing that the box will bring joy and happiness to its recipient. To connect with the Santa Shoebox Project, please visit their website www.santashoebox.org.za